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Clinical Neuropsychology A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management for Clinicians

This clear and accessible text provides trainee and qualified clinical psychologists with an up-to-date summary of neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation issues.
Although often viewed as a speciality within Clinical Psychology, knowledge of neuropsychology and its applications is relevant to all areas of clinical work where patients are showing some change in their cognitive functioning. This edited volume focuses on what the clinician needs to know in order to assess the cognitive functioning of their client and to consider rehabilitation and treatment options.
Readers will also find practical information concerning: newly developed neuroimaging techniques the effects of prescription and non-prescription drugs on cognitive functioning the interface between neuropsychological assessment and psychiatric disorders post-qualification training in clinical neuropsychology rules governing medico-legal work in civil cases in the UK
Laura H. Goldstein and Jane McNeil have many years of experience teaching neuropsychology to trainee and qualified clinical psychologists at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.


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