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Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology

This is the 3th edition of this classic textbook, which is used in nearly all dental schools in the UK and in many other countries. The book covers both radiography (producing the image) and radiology (interpreting the image) and presents the subjects in an accessible format. This new edition has been revised with all new line drawings.
- Covers all the radiology and radiography topics usually examined at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Highly illustrated, with short paragraphs, bulleted lists and flow diagrams present the subject in an accessible format.
- Clear line diagrams help the student understand the different topics and interpret the radiographs.
- Starts from basics - simple enough for basic students needs, but contains enough material for the revising postgraduate.
- Digital imaging updated and treated as part of mainstream dental radiography
- New section on cone Beam CT
- Updated throughout including recent classification changes and more examples of advanced imaging
- Emphasis of chapters on maxillary antra and temporomandibular joint changes to reflect more modern approaches to investigation
- All line diagrams redrawn



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