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Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates—Pathology-. (2017)

• Provides basic concepts of diseases required to be known by undergraduate students.
• Provides knowledge of pathology in a simple, lucid, easy-to-reproducible format.
• Richly illustrated in multicolour.
• Divided into three sections, i.e. General Pathology (Chapters 1 to 9), Hematology and Clinical Pathology (Chapters 10 to 13), and Systemic Pathology (Chapters 14 to 28).
• Concise text in bullet form for easy review and recollection.
• For rapid review, key points are highlighted in bold words that will help the student to just brush through the entire book within a few hours before the examination or viva voce.
• Exclusive coverage of high yielding points in text boxes which is important for answering MCQs.
• Morphology categorizes into Gross and Microscopy is presented in pink background.
• Pathogenesis of diseases presented in attractive flow charts.
• Clinical oriented cases and clinical scenario are added in this edition.
• Commonly expected pathology questions during undergraduate examination are also provided at relevant places.
• Most frequently asked questions are highlighted in red color font.
• Clinical oriented questions (asked in few universities) have been incorporated.
• Most important points are presented as text box with yellow background that will be very useful for students appearing for viva voce (oral) and postgraduate entrance exams.
• Appendices provide various important bodies and its associated conditions, and important cells in various lesions and pathognomonic structures in diseases.
• Text is enhanced by illustrations, tables, gross photographs, photomicrographs, clinical photograph, and radiographs.
• Serve as a source of rapid review of pathology for undergraduates and postgraduates.


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