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Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition Beyond the Physical Body

This, the first book to summarize the work of Brazilian consciousness researcher, Waldo Vieira MD, for a general nonacademic audience, has the backing of some of the world's most eminent academic and medical researchers of life after death.

Based on two new sciences proposed by Vieira, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the human condition beyond the physical body, offering readers a profound opportunity to increase their self-awareness, self-confidence, balance and maturity, and fulfil their potential.

Readers will learn:
*    How to master their energy and use it as a tool to:
    - experience conscious and controlled out-of-body experiences (OBEs)
    - increase their psychic abilities
    - protect themselves energetically
    - heal themselves and others
*    How to have more positive helpers (spirit guides) and more positive people around them
*    How to facilitate the recollection of past lives
*    How to identify their purpose in life and move towards it with discernment, conviction and self-motivation
*    How to be more consistently good natured and how to deal better with conflict, misunderstandings and resentments in their relationships
*    How to become more mature and more (cosmo)ethical and thus improve their karma
*    How to exercise more control over their lives
*    How to lose their fear of death and prepare themselves for what will happen when they die
*    How to take the maximum opportunity of what this life offers to develop and evolve as an individual.


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