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Self-ligation in orthodontics

 Self-ligation in orthodontics



This extremely well illustrated hardback book was written and contributed to by numerous professionals in orthodontics and biomechanics.
Subsequent to the introduction, the first chapter of 12 discusses the history and evolution of ligation and appliances. This chapter is extremely useful; it helps the reader understand why different ligation systems have been developed since the 1920s. Chapters 2 and 3 describe the biomechanics and materials science of self-ligation, giving properties of each component material used and its clinical effect. These chapters also analyse the forces and movements exerted, with regards to rotational, intrusion-extrusion and alignment movements with self-ligating and conventional brackets. This is well demonstrated with numerous graphs and photography. Chapters 4, 5 and 6, explain excellently the treatment outcomes and clinical performance with self-ligating brackets starting with clinical research and study design. This chapter is not only useful regarding orthodontic treatment but any area of dentistry. It gives the advantages and disadvantages of different study designs and gives the reader a very useful knowledge in understanding evidence-based dentistry. These chapters also describe the tooth movement efficiency and treatment outcomes using self-ligating brackets, clinically, and on a molecular and cellular level. This is shown usefully with the use of diagrams. The next five chapters discuss the unwanted consequence of orthodontic treatment. Root resorption is discussed in these chapters and the factors affecting root resorption. This again is well illustrated and easy to understand as it describes the mechanism of how root resorption occurs. Other unwanted effects of orthodontic treatment are compared with self-ligating brackets and conventional brackets with regards to microbacteria attachment, cariogenic bacteria, and the periodontal impact of orthodontic treatment. The final chapter discusses the treatment mechanics; this is very useful with regards to treatment management of each orthodontic case and whether orthodontic extractions are required at all in cases of crowding with self-ligating brackets.
Throughout the book the reader is educated with the abundant colour photography, charts, graphs and diagrams. In areas where the content of the text is more complex, the author has given a brief explanation of the basics behind the subject to help the reader understand. This book is excellent value for money for dentists who are looking to specialise in orthodontics, and for practising orthodontists as it may alter their current practice.



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